What We Do

Retirement Planning

I believe everyone has different goals, interests, and plans for retirement. I custom design a retirement and income plan that suits your retirement needs, and a retirement plan that can deliver that value to you.

I organize your personal and financial resources, then, I meet with you and discuss your future needs, interests, goals, and return / risk tolerance. I custom your investment model and align it with your plan. In addition, I manage your company’s retirement plan or IRA’s, investments accounts, and other tax deferred accounts accordingly. I also help you develop an optimized income strategy that takes consideration of social security benefits and all other income sources during your retirement and make sure all these benefits and income received are working together and not against each other.

Investment Management

As a managing member at Varsity Capital Management, I work hard to protect and grow your hard-earned money. Over the long term, my goal is to achieve overall a respectful rate of return.  My strategy has the ability to go into defensive cash or conservative investments when necessary and get back in the market when my indicators signal entry point.

First step is to establish a strategic asset allocation that fits your retirement needs and your risk profile. Second, I determine the asset classes that will likely perform better in the current market cycle. Third, I focus on themes within those asset classes and allocate money accordingly, then, manage your portfolio tactically. I manage the portfolio tactically to make sure market corrections or bear markets do not eliminate market gains.


Income Planning*

I will help you and your spouse know how much money your will have every month of every year, for life or for a desired period of time, example 10 yrs or 20 yrs.… I specialize in helping retirees and pre-retirees by providing an income solution plan with security, consistency, and predictability to their retirement.

My income planning clients worry less knowing that they have a secure income plan and their net worth is growing, no matter what the stock market does

* Insurance products and services are offered by  a license agent Tahar Mjigal, through our other affiliate business Varsity Planning Services,dba and Not by Varsity Capital Management,LLC . for more details please see our disclosure on the bottom of the page.

Insurance Review*

As an Independent insurance agent, I will help you develop a life insurance plan for your spouse and your family. Life insurance offers many benefits to you and your family, Including:

  • Mortgage or rent payment
  • Immediate income needs (groceries, utilizes, clothing, and so forth)
  • Longer term needs (children education, retirement income for spouse, and so forth)
  • Pay off remaining debts
  • Serve as a cornerstone for estate planning
  • and many more benefits…

* Insurance products and services are offered by Tahar Mjigal, a licensed insurance agent. He sells insurance products and services through our other affiliate business Varsity Planning services, dba and Not through Varsity Capital Management,LLC . For more details please see our disclosure on the bottom of this page.

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